• Lia Camargo

    Lia Camargo

    I hope to add my voice as a mixed-race, English-speaking, ciswoman to conversations about Japan’s future — our future — and encourage others to do so as well.

  • Keith Stevens

    Keith Stevens

    Stories! Sometimes about Boba Milk Tea. Sometimes about traveling. Sometimes about technology.

  • Daisuke Sakuraba

    Daisuke Sakuraba

  • Chihling Wang

    Chihling Wang

  • Yann FRACHI

    Yann FRACHI

  • Hiroyasu Ichikawa

    Hiroyasu Ichikawa

    市川裕康/ ichi / media consultant focusing on tech & digital media at SocialCompany, Inc. /国内外の デジタルメディア、テクノロジー関連の調査・コンサルテイングをしています。https://note.com/socialcompany

  • Teddy Kuroda

    Teddy Kuroda

  • Ayano Kagami

    Ayano Kagami

    M.S. in Engineering and Management, System Design and Management , Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Summer Intern, BioLabs. Back to Japan in June 2019

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